About Wisdom Of Love

Do you also want to experience more happiness in life? Are you looking for a new step in life, but are you afraid that you are too old or too young? Do you feel something is missing, but you are not sure what it is? Do you want to experience more fulfilment and depth, but you’re not sure how to do that? Did you try ‘The Secret’ but with no significant results? 

Wisdom of Love is not only here to inspire you, but also to teach you in practice to get a happier life. A lot of spiritual teachings tell us that the ego is something bad. The Wisdom of Love assumes that we need our ego and  that we are just using the ego in the wrong way. We can learn to correct the ego and use it in a new way that will help us to be more happy. 

About the blogger

Vera Nievelstein
Vera Nievelstein

My name is Vera Nievelstein. I work as a visual artist and also as a part-time helpdesk employee; digital reading. As an artist I like to investigate how the world works. In particular the geometric structure of the universe (everything consists of numbers). Read more about this on veranievelstein.nl

Because of my fascination for how the world works, I came across integral education during my research. A theory that assumes that everything is interconnected. This has far-reaching consequences because it means that everything and everyone influences each other. As soon as we become aware of this, it brings with it great responsibility because we can use this influence in a negative or in a positive way. Integral education explains how this works. In short it means if we hurt others we hurt ourselves thus if we love others we love ourselves.

Integral education can offer a solution to the problems we now face in the world. This is why I am committed to share this knowledge so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. Since 2014 I’ve been immersed in integral education and still learning.

Also take a look at IWRI, Integral World Research Institute, a source of information (in English).