The Pandemic Will Not be Over Soon

pandemie voorbij coronavirus

The pandemic will not be over soon, despite the fact that there will be an easing of the stay-at-home orders. Reducing the coronavirus requires a step forward towards mutual attention and responsibility, from ordinary citizens to world leaders.


The coronavirus struck a blow to the selfish, competitive rat race we were in, and overtime we calmed down our consumptive lifestyle, as it was the norm to exploit others for personal gain.

We can now look forward to a positive future that will be calmer than our lives have always looked until now, more balanced with each other and nature. Weeks and months of isolation will certainly play a role in an inner transformation.

Not going back to how it has been

Do we really think that – when all restrictions are lifted – we’ll be on our way to all kinds of shopping malls again, filling our bags with new clothes and plastic stuff, and that we’ll fly to all kinds of tourist destinations again, to all corners of the world?

One of the biggest advantages of this pandemic is the fact that we treat each other more calmly and are no longer focused on our own advantage, at the expense of others, that we now have a clear example of nature, because it treats everyone in the same way; it would be wise if we were to apply this to each other as well.

Nature is one whole

Nature is working with us, trying to wake us up to the fact that we are all in the same boat. We will come out of this pandemic with more awareness of our common situation, from a broader perspective, seeing nature as one whole.