Fear of the Coronavirus


It is understandable that we are anxious when we see that the world around us is changing rapidly, and nature is trying to balance itself through natural disasters or, as now, this pandemic. The Corona virus forces us to think about how we want to shape the future. The path we have followed so far, to follow our ego where we only want more, doesn’t work anymore.

Our human behavior of wanting to receive for ourselves is one of the main causes that nature is out of balance. If we are going to help bring nature back into balance, nature doesn’t have to do this in the form of natural disasters.


It is possible to transform our natural intention to receive only for ourselves into an intention to care for others. At first our ego will protest, but in this way we will be better off.

Because of the extent of the coronavirus, we realize that we are integrally connected to each other throughout the world. So if we help each other, we help ourselves. Moreover, helping others gives much more satisfaction than just thinking about myself.


So thinking about others is a real win-win situation. When I know that everyone takes care of me, I don’t have to worry about myself anymore and I don’t have to be anxious anymore. Then I can spend all my time making the world a better place for others. We then discover that we don’t need that much stuff at all to feel good, because we get our satisfaction from somewhere else.

If we use our will to receive only for the necessities and not for extra luxury, this will do the earth tremendous good. Luxury does not make us happy and it destroys the earth and our fellow human beings. Moreover, it is a form of fulfillment that becomes empty over and over again and making you want more and more every time. Experiencing pleasure by giving to someone else is something that can fill us infinitely, because we can give to each other infinitely. In this way we never feel empty again.


This new altruism also results in a healthier earth and a healthier environment for us and our children. And you don’t have to wait for someone else to start. You can start with a small group of lets say two to ten people and agree to be there for each other. Consciously choose a different kind of connection with each other, one where we want to give instead of just receive on top of our ego.

Imagine that such groups arise all over the world and these groups connect with each other again, and like cells of a healthy body, they take care of each other. A future where we live as in a large family where we are there for each other, even though we have our peculiarities that the ego cannot appreciate. We find our commonality more important than our ego, because we know that this is better for everyone, including myself.