Our Influence on the Climate Crisis

Boom met handen

As the climate crisis escalates and extreme weather becomes more frequent, experts are seriously asking how close we are to the “point of no return.” But the question we should be asking is not whether the earth is doomed and we are therefore doomed, but rather why we are here. 

Humans became rulers of the planet

The universe in which we live has existed for about fourteen billion years. The earth has existed for about 4.5 billion years, and life on earth began a few hundred million years after the earth formed. We evolved from atoms to molecules, from molecules to single-celled organisms, and from single-celled organisms to the myriad life forms on Earth in the water, on land, and in the air. Finally, in the last few hundred thousand years, humanity has emerged. 

Gradually, we have become the rulers of the planet, exploiting the soil, flora and fauna, polluting the air, soil and water, and depleting the earth’s resources as fast as we can to gain power and wealth. Is this why we are here, to do all this evil? Perhaps, if we knew the answer, we would not be doing the unimaginable damage we do to the planet every second. 

why are we here?

Therefore, the question of our purpose for being here is the key question we must answer. If we know the answer to it, we will solve all our problems and save the planet. Once we make our social environment friendly and caring, our nature will become friendly and caring. When we become friendly and caring, we will stop exploiting. And when we stop exploiting, we will stop abusing each other, other living beings and the planet as a whole. 

It turns out that to save ourselves and our planet, our only focus should be on changing our social environment from hostile to friendly, from abusive to helpful. Everything else will then quickly follow. Only when we start thinking about each other will we stop thinking about ourselves, and only when we stop thinking about ourselves will we start perceiving the world around us as it really is. Therefore, the only question we need to ask to secure our lives, the well-being of the planet, and even our happiness is, “Why are we here?”

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