A New Phase for Humanity

We’re slaves to the ego

Now that we’ve been startled by the Coronavirus, life will never be the same again. It will have a major impact on the Netherlands, Europe and the whole world. We have reached a point in our development that we can no longer remain a slave to our growing ego. We are getting ready for a new phase for humanity.

In the picture this growth of the ego is presented as a pyramid where we start at the bottom with a small ego, where the ego is only concerned with staying alive, maintaining itself. To stay alive we need food, shelter, sex to reproduce and family.

A new phase

At a certain point in history this was no longer sufficient and the ego = the will to receive, went in search of new ways to fulfill itself. Mankind developed and began to derive satisfaction from money, honor, control and knowledge.

Now that we face the fact that with our ego we are slowly but surely destroying the world and each other, we can come to repentance, because as long as you are not conscious you cannot change anything. This awakening will cause us to move to the next phase.

Nature is in control

The next phase is the realization that we can no longer follow our will to receive thoughtlessly. Only when we come to a standstill, stand back and make a reversal can we continue to exist as a species.

The illusion that we can control nature is collapsing. We are insignificant compared to nature. This force of nature will do anything to get in balance, without taking into account what my little self wants.

The liberation

We can now begin this reversal. Think together about how we can benefit another instead of ourselves. Because if we do this for each other, we don’t have to think about ourselves anymore. Imagine how carefree you are then! What a liberation not to have to think about myself selfishly anymore.

We discover that thinking about each other brings me further, we are in the same boat together. In addition, caring for others gives much more satisfaction than filling myself and the emptiness I feel with stuff. We are on the eve of this evolutionary leap. That is, if we take this opportunity with both hands.