The Coronavirus Opens up a Road to a New Way of Life

Suppose nature is intelligent. The coronavirus is turning our world upside down. Every person on this world is somehow connected to this virus, no one can escape it. Nature is forcing us to pause and think about what we’re doing. What have we done so far as humanity and how do we want to proceed? We are on the threshold of a new era. As human beings we are the only ones who have been given free will and it is now up to us to make a new choice. Do we want to continue in the same way and destroy the world, or do we want to take a new evolutionary step and use our free will to love our neighbor as our selves and balance humanity with nature? 

Cells of one body

In order to have a healthy body, it is necessary that all cells work together with a common goal. The common goal is to keep the body healthy. We can look at mankind as a large body, with people as the cells of that body. If we would behave as individuals like these cells, the whole of humanity and the earth would be healthy. What if our goal was not to take care of myself alone, but to take care of mankind as a whole. And if every individual does that, I would also be taken care of, and I would no longer have to think about myself. 

In a body, all cells work together and each cell has a specific task. There are cells that together form an organ, with a specific task. In the same way every human being has his unique talents. And if a cell doesn’t do its job, the body gets sick. All other cells will do everything to make the body healthy again. If we then look at wild animals, we see that they do not get sick. They do not eat too much or unhealthy food, they are not too fat, they are in balance with their environment, with nature. They don’t take more than they need. 

Free will 

Now let’s extend this equation to mankind as one big body. With our free will, we can do whatever we want. Until now man has always used his free will to think mainly about himself, how he could make life better for himself. This leads to proliferation, just like cancer cells in a body. For example, food without any nutritional value, pollution, airplanes and cars, melting ice caps, the extinction of animal species, wars and the weak that are exploited, and so on. 

We feel that nothing can happen to us. By now we live like kings and even that is not enough, we still want more. The newest phone, the newest car, even bigger than the last one. But now we are called back by nature, we can’t go on living indefinitely from selfish motives alone anymore. We can use our free will to balance humanity with nature. After all, if we as humans start behaving as cells of one body with the common goal of balancing humanity and nature as a whole. Living together in harmony, that is what nature wants from us and it forces us to come there with a soft hand.