We Are All in the Same Boat

Same Boat

If we take care of each other, we also take care of the earth. Then we don’t need it to fill our emptiness with stuff. We are then filled with attention and love. 

We are all connected with each other and the coronavirus is a good example of this. There is nothing more we can do without having an effect on everyone around us. It crosses all borders. 

This boat “Earth” is the only one we have. If I drill a hole in this boat, it will affect everyone in this boat. Leaving the ship with a lifeboat is no longer possible, we can’t shut ourselves off from the rest of the world. I influence others and others influence me.

Mutual Responsibility

The realization that we are all ‘invisibly’ connected to each other and all influence each other, brings with it a great responsibility. Because we can influence others and the world in a positive or negative way. It is our job to take care of each other, and to make sure that no one is left out. And this is a mutual responsibility.

The good news is, that by consciously working on our mutual connection and striving for good relations, we can influence everything positively. Because when we develop better relations we have, simply put, less need to fill the emptiness with stuff. We do our best to have a good relation with each other in spite of our differences. If we can give each other attention, care and love, we will all be better off, including the earth and everything that lives on it. 

*The image of the earth comes from pixabay.com