We Are All in the Same Boat

If we take care of each other, we also take care of the earth. Then we don’t need it to fill our emptiness with stuff. We are then filled with attention and love. 

We are all connected with each other and the coronavirus is a good example of this. There is nothing more we can do without having an effect on everyone around us. It crosses all borders. 

This boat “Earth” is the only one we have. If I drill a hole in this boat, it will affect everyone in this boat. Leaving the ship with a lifeboat is no longer possible, we can’t shut ourselves off from the rest of the world. I influence others and others influence me.

Mutual Responsibility

The realization that we are all ‘invisibly’ connected to each other and all influence each other, brings with it a great responsibility. Because we can influence others and the world in a positive or negative way. It is our job to take care of each other, and to make sure that no one is left out. And this is a mutual responsibility.

The good news is, that by consciously working on our mutual connection and striving for good relations, we can influence everything positively. Because when we develop better relations we have, simply put, less need to fill the emptiness with stuff. We do our best to have a good relation with each other in spite of our differences. If we can give each other attention, care and love, we will all be better off, including the earth and everything that lives on it. 

*The image of the earth comes from pixabay.com 

The Method of Connection

The method of connection starts from recognizing that we are egoistic by nature—we each by default consider self-benefit over benefiting others—and that this egoistic quality is the cause of all our problems.

Approaching love and unity as a game

Therefore, approaching love and unity is done not naively, but as a game: that we set a goal to positively connect above the innate division and differences we feel toward each other—not erasing those divisive sensations, but being aware of them and their source—and then acting out a social atmosphere where we each aim to mutually support, encourage and inspire each other to connect, and feel each other—ultimately, all of humanity—no less than we feel our own families and ourselves.

Playing such a game brings us closer to the fundamental laws of nature: laws of love, giving and connection. We thus awaken a positive influence from nature that helps us feel each other more closely, accelerating the pace of our development to feeling people who were as strangers, to feeling everyone as a single family.

The Pandemic Will Not be Over Soon

The pandemic will not be over soon, despite the fact that there will be an easing of the stay-at-home orders. Reducing the coronavirus requires a step forward towards mutual attention and responsibility, from ordinary citizens to world leaders.


The coronavirus struck a blow to the selfish, competitive rat race we were in, and overtime we calmed down our consumptive lifestyle, as it was the norm to exploit others for personal gain.

We can now look forward to a positive future that will be calmer than our lives have always looked until now, more balanced with each other and nature. Weeks and months of isolation will certainly play a role in an inner transformation.

Not going back to how it has been

Do we really think that – when all restrictions are lifted – we’ll be on our way to all kinds of shopping malls again, filling our bags with new clothes and plastic stuff, and that we’ll fly to all kinds of tourist destinations again, to all corners of the world?

One of the biggest advantages of this pandemic is the fact that we treat each other more calmly and are no longer focused on our own advantage, at the expense of others, that we now have a clear example of nature, because it treats everyone in the same way; it would be wise if we were to apply this to each other as well.

Nature is one whole

Nature is working with us, trying to wake us up to the fact that we are all in the same boat. We will come out of this pandemic with more awareness of our common situation, from a broader perspective, seeing nature as one whole.

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The Coronavirus Opens up a Road to a New Way of Life

Suppose nature is intelligent. The coronavirus is turning our world upside down. Every person on this world is somehow connected to this virus, no one can escape it. Nature is forcing us to pause and think about what we’re doing. What have we done so far as humanity and how do we want to proceed? We are on the threshold of a new era. As human beings we are the only ones who have been given free will and it is now up to us to make a new choice. Do we want to continue in the same way and destroy the world, or do we want to take a new evolutionary step and use our free will to love our neighbor as our selves and balance humanity with nature? 

Cells of one body

In order to have a healthy body, it is necessary that all cells work together with a common goal. The common goal is to keep the body healthy. We can look at mankind as a large body, with people as the cells of that body. If we would behave as individuals like these cells, the whole of humanity and the earth would be healthy. What if our goal was not to take care of myself alone, but to take care of mankind as a whole. And if every individual does that, I would also be taken care of, and I would no longer have to think about myself. 

In a body, all cells work together and each cell has a specific task. There are cells that together form an organ, with a specific task. In the same way every human being has his unique talents. And if a cell doesn’t do its job, the body gets sick. All other cells will do everything to make the body healthy again. If we then look at wild animals, we see that they do not get sick. They do not eat too much or unhealthy food, they are not too fat, they are in balance with their environment, with nature. They don’t take more than they need. 

Free will 

Now let’s extend this equation to mankind as one big body. With our free will, we can do whatever we want. Until now man has always used his free will to think mainly about himself, how he could make life better for himself. This leads to proliferation, just like cancer cells in a body. For example, food without any nutritional value, pollution, airplanes and cars, melting ice caps, the extinction of animal species, wars and the weak that are exploited, and so on. 

We feel that nothing can happen to us. By now we live like kings and even that is not enough, we still want more. The newest phone, the newest car, even bigger than the last one. But now we are called back by nature, we can’t go on living indefinitely from selfish motives alone anymore. We can use our free will to balance humanity with nature. After all, if we as humans start behaving as cells of one body with the common goal of balancing humanity and nature as a whole. Living together in harmony, that is what nature wants from us and it forces us to come there with a soft hand.

An Integral Education Meeting Technique

With this technique you meet very effectively and efficiently. Meetings can be time consuming and sometimes not very productive. If you want to meet faster and with more results, this is the solution.

Imagine a round table

Imagine a round table, where lets say, ten people are meeting. Everyone takes turns and gives their vision on the problem/subject. They do not enter into discussion, but each one adds his unique vision. They all speak briefly and listen to each other. Each individual vision is accepted as equally valuable. Everyone speaks and contributes something.

At the end of the round, a vision has emerged from the group, the problem has been highlighted from all sides. If the vision still needs to be sharpened or clarified, a new question can be answered for this purpose in a new round. After this, decisions can be made and tasks can be divided.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

In this technique you can really speak of synergy. By consciously listening to the others and appreciating their vision, you become inspired. By the attention you get from the others who really listen to you, the best ideas come to you, also because you focus on what you can add to what the others already suggested.

A positive side effect is, that everyone feels appreciated and gets energy from this way of meeting. A bond is forged, because you work together towards the same goal and want to strengthen each other. As a result, the team will become closer and work even better together.

A Blooming ‘New’ World

To create a beautiful thriving ‘new’ world, a fundamental change is needed. We can only flourish as individuals if the whole world can flourish. This is a profound change in how we understand life itself. A change that transcends a change in our economic, educational and political system. Now is the time to set this change in motion and we can do this if we understand that change can only be lasting if we do it for the greater good.

We Can’t Stop Being Selfish

We can’t stop being selfish, it’s our nature. Using the ego for my basic needs is not a problem. It’s a problem that we use the ego for things we don’t need and are even harmful to people and the environment.

If we realize that we all have an ego and if we see that in the meantime we are all dependent on each other, then we can start using our ego for the greater good; I don’t want to receive for myself anymore, but I want to receive for the collective (humanity).

A shift from me to we.