The wisdom of the hidden

We research our world through science and discover that which is concealed from us.


The knowledge that science accumulates helps us in this world. Even if we know nothing from our own life experience, we trust scientists, physicians, and other experts. Although science has not yet discovered everything about our world, with time, more of the concealed becomes revealed.

A concealed world

Yet, there is another part to reality, a concealed world, a higher world that science cannot discover. To be able to sense this part of reality, one must correct one’s nature, the ego, and acquire the quality of love and bestowal. Only then does one begin to sense the concealed world and study it scientifically.

The quality of love

We are not required to change our ways of life, since there is no connection between corporeal actions and the acquisition of the quality of love and bestowal. Spirituality is not about believing in Divinity, but about revealing is. 

From Separate Souls to Unity

Only in the harmonious connection of the body parts is a healthy life possible.

Within the correct bonding among people reveals the connection where the upper life is hidden, the feeling of eternity and wholeness.

The impasse we have reached today highlights the need for a transition from the stage where souls are separated by the ego to the stage of unity where we reveal eternal love. 

An Opportunity for Freedom of Choice Arises

We did not really have free will until the 21th century. We developed in a coercive, automated manner, alongside the constant heightening of egoistic drives.

Now that the human ego has culminated, an opportunity for freedom of choice arises. Now we can rise above our egoistic nature, and cease being dependent on it.

If we realize this opportunity, we will rise directly (and least painfully) to another nature, another dimension of reality, another sensation of life-in the entire volume of reality, in eternity and perfection.

Nature’s plan will be executed whether or not we choose the path of conscious transition to the upper dimension, just as it has until today. However, without our participation, it will come alongside the harsh impact of the “press of evolution” upon us.

A Thread of Love

Once or twice in your lifetime a spark awaken is you, in your heart.

Sometimes it feels if you are completely empty and sometimes you feel unhappy, without a particular reason.

On other moments it is because of seemingly mondaine reasons.

Maybe you don´t realize, but this is how the spark in your heart awakens in you.

It is the beginning of the soul, the first stap of the revelation of love.

A Quest to a Higher Goal

We have everything, but there is nothing left that satisfies us. Still we are playing the game and chasing transient goals, which we envision as pleasures such as money, honor and power. After all, what else is there to do in life?

Filling the emptiness inside

We look at each other and thoughtlessly follow the current trend. We say to ourselves, “If I behave like everyone else, I’ll feel good.” We choose a vague, agreeable goal, and chase it, hoping it will fill the emptiness inside.

OUr hearts will awaken

We must be constantly preoccupied, otherwise the question “What am I living for? What’s happening with my life?” will haunt us. But sooner or later our hearts will awaken and we will not be able to focus on mundane issues anymore.

dropping out

As long as we close our eyes to avoid truly seeing, we could run along with the crowd. But we have exhausted our strength. While everyone else is still racing, we have dropped out. It simply is no longer appealing anymore; in fact we find it pointless.

A higher goal

Our will has deepened so much, it no longer allows us to settle for mundane goals. This is when we begin the quest for a higher goal.

Emerging into a Reality of Love


People around me want nothing but to hurt me! What do we do when one tries to love and the other does not?

The mutual love that we aspire for is impossible within the ego. I “love” another person because he is good for me, but in fact, I want only to exploit him.

Loving fish

Love within the ego is like loving fish-I love fish because I enjoy them. In the same manner, as long as I enjoy someone I enjoy being with him and I “love” him. But the moment I don’t enjoy being with him, I push him away.

But there is another love, one which we still don’t know. It exists above our selfish considerations, above our nature. When the picture of us being parts of a single, inclusive, and interdependent system is revealed to us, we surrender to its power and the true love of others awakens within us.

A Higher love

And beyond this love there is an even higher love. Beyond mutual dependency, the quality of love itself is drawing us towards it, for we realize that loving and bestowing are the most exalted things in reality.
Love allows us to transcend our regular perception and we begin to sense another reality.

When our natural aspiration to absorb everything within us changes into the aspiration to love and to give, the minute and limited reality we now sense relinquishes its place, and the complete reality appears to us-the spiritual reality.

The nullity of the ego

One who comes to feel the spiritual reality realizes that people mistreat each other because they are naturally controlled by the ego, not because they are evil. He discovers that they were deliberately created that way to eventually attain independent awareness of the nullity of the ego. Only then well they emerge from it into a reality of love.

Picturing the Future

An alternative environment

Our goal now is to set up the infrastructure for an alternative environment that offers another avenue by which we will conduct our relationships. I’ll be interested in what a person studies, his or her areas of interest, and the social circles to which he or she belongs, instead of their jobs. Our job will lose its status as an person’s ruler because people will engage only in what is essential to society.

Shifting into the projected image

To adapt to this future image, we need to imagine it and plan how we will shift from the current image tinto the projected one. We need to change from within, which is no simple task. It will entail revolutionizing our perceptions, sensations, and approaches to reality-a redesign of all our thought patterns. There is no greater revolution than this one.

Everything will change

Such a change affects the essence of life, the reason why we get up in the morning and go to sleep at night, the thoughts that run through our heads during the day, our achievements, and how others relate to us. Even the structure of society will change accordingly, and of course, the education system will evolve into a radically different one.

Baby steps

While the nature of the change is still unknown to most of us, it is nonetheless our future. The baby steps we initiate preparing for it, gradually moving toward it , will allow us to see the direction of the shift and understand and welcome the process that is bound to happen.

Processes will be unfold

It is similar to a child walking into kindergarten for the first time. he doesn’t know what he has entered. He doesn’t know that it’s a part of an entire education system that will accompany him through the rest of his childhood years. Similarly, we are not yet aware of the global system and the processes that are about to unfold.

To balance our society in synchronicity with nature

Nature demands that we be in “equivalence of form,” meaning “in balance.”As Nature is circular, a complete and harmonious system in all its actions, so should human society be built-circular and synchronized in all its parts. We will all benefit from being part of a balanced state, and the right connections between us will grant us “Nature’s blessing.”

Changing Society

A sense of meaninglessness

Modern society has created a reality based on limited and purposeful connections, whose aim is to achieve very limited goals. Alongside this experience of limited connections, we have begun to feel a sense of meaninglessness in our lives. This is creating a crisis in every realm of our personal and social lives.

the next stage of human evolution

Today, we’re at the threshold of a revolution. The gap between the environment we have created an Nature’s imperatives is taking its toll. New conditions, both within us and in our environment, are pressing us with growing intensity, changing us from within and disintegrating the oppressive patterns of human society. Nature is pushing us to reach the next stage of our evolution as humans, to come to view life from a different perspective.

Another meaning of life

The reality in which work takes over most of our time is about to change. When that happens, people will not sit idly by, but will begin searching for another meaning to life. This is when we will truly learn what it means to “be human.” As work hours shrink to the necessary minimum for sustenance, we will fill our lives with engagements appropriate to our level as human beings, engagements where we feel our souls.

Change of our perception of life

This is a radical change that implies reorganization of the entire human society. This change is mandatory; we will have to go through this process due to pressures from within and without, or through awareness and initiative to immediately begin paving the way toward our new destination. Then, our perception of life will change, our economy will change, and industries will shrink and shift from over-production to producing solely what is needed to sustain us.

Why are we here in this life?

Work will become nothing more than a necessary tool for our survival, and our perception of the growing unemployment will change. Our free time will be channeled toward the primary purpose of our lives – to answer the question, “Why are we here in this life?” This question will arise in the majority of humanity, and will become the issue that directs our lives and all of our engagements.

Switch On the Light

Darkness is lack of connection with others.

Like an electrical circuit, whose elements are disconnected, preventing conduction of current.

If we truly desire to connect, that desire will switch on the light.

A Key to Happiness

If a person is immersed in his ego, in his desire to receive, then he certainly cannot be happy, because it will only bring him pain. But if he rises above his ego so as not to worry about what goes on inside him, but to live on a higher level and to identify with the attribute of bestowal, with the world, with everything that surrounds him, he can be happy constantly.

It can be to such an extent that he won’t feel what is happening with his body at all. The body can die, but a person will not feel that he belongs to his body any more.

Identified with the body/ego

Now we totally identify ourselves with our body. But if we can develop so that we will gradually draw further from it, we will eventually stop feeling that we are tied to it at all. It is as if I float above this body, and it is indeed so, because I identify with the attribute of bestowal and I live in it, and this is the key to advancing in happiness.

I can attain this if I am incorporated in the environment and together with others form one general group force that is not egoistic, but that is formed from all our spiritual sparks that are connected above our ego. Our ego loses its value and we raise the sparks and see them as the top priority. As a result we begin to live in these sparks that are connected and create one harmonious group force.

Developing mutual bestowal

Besides, by developing the force of mutual bestowal, which means that we can demand this force of bestowal from the upper force field, we will constantly feel happy. It all depends on how a person aims himself regarding the group, and how the group aims itself regarding the upper force field, regarding the field of bestowal and love.

This is the only factor that determines everything. I have to detach myself from my “self” and to rise to the level of “we”; everything will be accepted happily! It isn’t simple, and there are ascents and descents, but this is how we advance. Each time we receive an additional ego, an additional desire to enjoy, so that we will grow stronger and connect more tightly to the field of bestowal. This is the only way to advance.

If a person identifies with this, he accepts everything that happens on the way happily because he understands that it is a mean for reaching the goal. But if a person thinks only about his stomach—absorbed in himself, unable to rise above himself, then he will certainly walk around with a sour face, will suffer in life, and will always have complaints —it all depends on how a person aims himself.