The Man That was Always Tired

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A farytail

Once upon a time, long ago in a land far away from here, a land of mountains and forests, there was a man who was always tired. The man was a lumberjack and he worked very hard and made long days, so it was not surprising that the man was tired.

In the valley was a small village and the villagers held a feast every night. The land was fertile and the farmers had all kinds of delicacies and there was a cook who cooked and a baker who baked and everyone had a task. Together they shared the food and after dinner there was merry singing and everyone enjoyed being together.

But the lumberjack was never at the feast even though he cut all the wood for the kitchen and the campfire for everyone. He was simply too tired. The lumberjack never managed to walk to the village. Every night he made himself something to eat and then went to bed. Every day he imagined going to the village to be with the others, but every time he got home he was so tired and then always fell asleep like a log.

The Wake Up

Until one time the man had just lit the fire to make soup he couldn’t keep his eyes open and thought, I’ll take a nap until the soup is ready. He lay down for a while and promptly fell asleep. Until the man was startled awake by smoke creeping up his nose and he saw to his dismay that his cottage was on fire.

All at once he was wide awake and ran outside in the direction of the water pump. Men approached him with buckets of water. The lumberjack had no time to think and formed a line with the others and the buckets of water were passed from the pump to the front one by one, and the man threw the water into his burning house.

An hour later the fire was out, but not much was left of the cottage. The men took the lumberjack to the village where the meal was still in full swing. The lumberjack had never been happier. At last he had managed to at the feast. The fire had made him wide awake and he understood that being together had to be just as important to him as saving his life from the fire.