Invisible connection

Life evolves in two directions, which are both opposite and parallel; cooperation and self-fulfillment. In all of reality, self-fulfillment is possible only through cooperation with others. In minerals, for example, several atoms work together to form the molecules of that mineral. If one of the atoms were to separate, the mineral would disintegrate. At a higher level of complexity in plants and animals, including humans, there is a calibration of different molecules, cells and organs, that unite to create a separate being and again, if even one of the molecules in the cells of that being were missing, it would become ill or even die.


Although we have long known this law of nature, we behave as if we are not part of the ecosystem called planet Earth.  Worse, among ourselves, we believe that one society can be superior to another. Yet nature clearly demonstrates that nothing is superfluous and that no part of any element in nature is superior to another. So why do we think we have a privilege that no other part of nature has to patronize and oppress other people and species? Where does this arrogance come from, if not from ignorance?

Because we are ignorant of the desire to give, which gives us our strength and wisdom, we relate them to ourselves. If we were aware that we too are a product of the two desires that constitute life, we would know how to thrive in this world, along with all of nature. Imagine if we all knew that we were united with all other human beings, that we were supported by all other human beings in the world, and that all they wanted was for us to maximize our potential. How wonderful life would be if every person contributed all his or her talents to society, and in return received the support and appreciation of society. 

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