The Wisdom of Reception

In a nutshell

Two forces; giving and receiving

The wisdom of reception explains that there are two forces, the force of bestowal (love) that created the created being and the force of reception, the opposite, the created being itself. They are like a cup and the filling, feminine and masculine. We, humanity, are the cup, which needs to be filled and this desire makes us do all kinds of things to fill the empty feeling inside. This desire is our engine. The only reason we feel emptiness and darkness in our life is because we are confused and think we can fill it with material things but this filling is always temporary. This cup can only be filled with the light of love because nothing can substitute love itself. 

Overcoming the gap between giving and receiving

So because we are complete opposite to the force of love, we have to overcome the gap between receiving and giving. Because the moment we become love then we are like the force of bestowal, and we will feel whole again. This means that no thing and no other person can fulfill us, only love itself. So only if we can give love, to love others, to love our lives and everything in it, no matter how bad it seems then we can feel whole again. If we can accept the darkness and agree with everything in this world, then and only then, when there is nothing left that I do not love, then the cup is filled. 

Discovering our egoistic nature is key for correcting it 

In speech it is simple but in attainment it is the most difficult thing to do, because we are the will to receive by nature. We have to put all our effort in if we want to succeed. And we will succeed, this is our destiny. But we can accelerate the path towards fulfillment. We can do that by consciously trying to “correct” our egoistic desires into bestowal. By trying we will become aware of us being opposite to love, and that will give us a desire for change. Then we will have the right desire to receive. The desire to change our nature into bestowal and love and that is all we need. 

We don’t have to do it alone

This path will take time because we cannot correct our whole egoism at once, we can only do one bit at a time. Therefore every time, over and over again we will see that we still have some egoism left and we cannot stop improving ourselves yet. But every little bit counts and will become a big desire that eventually will be complete. And most importantly we don’t have to do it alone, we do it together. We cannot correct the whole world by ourselves and we don’t have to. More and more people will become aware that fulfillment doesn’t come from corporeal stuff and that will lead them to the spiritual path. At first from the desire to fulfill themselves and along the way, by understanding more and more, to gain a desire to fulfill others, a desire for bestowal.

The end of correction

Imagine the world we live in when everyone starts wanting to fulfill others. This will inevitably lead to the end of correction, the complete correction and fulfillment of every person and every living being in the world. By keeping this goal in mind, and make it the most important thing in our lives we all will accelerate on the path. 

A Chance to Move Toward Connection

Connection can happen only when all the parties involved want to connect. And if they agree on wanting to connect they must do what needs to be done in order to connect.

Wanting to connect

The first step, wanting to connect, is actually the hardest. It requires reviewing where we are, realizing how disconnected we are. We have to shift from blaming others for our woes to admitting that we are not contributing to mending the situation. If everyone participates in this process, this will already change things for the better. However, it will lead us to a conclusion that we not really want to connect at all and that will make us feel helpless.

Yet, our sense of helplessness is exactly what we need this is the beginning of the next step, to do all what is necessary to connect. The beauty about this process is that at that moment of crisis, when we feel as though we aren’t doing anything to connect nor can we do anything about it, this is all that is required—to want connection to happen and to realize that we cannot make it happen. When all of us, or at least enough of us, want it badly enough, it will happen seemingly by itself; our hearts will open toward each other and a new feeling will come in.

From enemies to lovers

We think that we determine reality through actions, but we actually determine it through our desires. When we want to do others harm, we create a terrible world and when we want to bring others joy, we produce a beautiful world. When we hate but want to love, we change ourselves from enemies to lovers, and the world around us changes with us.

This World is Just a Replica of the Spiritual World

We have forgotten, or never knew, that this world is only a replica of the spiritual world, we perceive the world as an “imprint” of the spiritual world.

The purpose of life is to be fulfilled and feel good, which can be achieved by becoming equal to the giving power of nature. All that is needed to achieve this is a correction of our heart.

Our heart is entirely made up of desire and tends to want receive for itself. If we correct it to a desire to give to others, we can become truly fulfilled. Because receiving for ourselves will never give fulfillment.

We just cannot immediately correct our heart from the intention to receive for myself to the intention for giving to others. This correction takes place in steps. These steps can again be divided into smaller steps, where we start by “avoiding” harming others.

Not to want to harm others sounds obvious, but if you start working with it you will discover that the ego wants to get things at all costs, even if it harms others or the world. This stubborn ego will try anything to escape this correction.

Now the idea is not to avoid the ego. Rather, it leads us to recognize this, unconscious behavior. Each time a new piece is revealed. By facing how the ego works, we can choose each time to connect more lovingly with others. In that way we correct it step by step.

We Are All in the Same Boat

If we take care of each other, we also take care of the earth. Then we don’t need it to fill our emptiness with stuff. We are then filled with attention and love. 

We are all connected with each other and the coronavirus is a good example of this. There is nothing more we can do without having an effect on everyone around us. It crosses all borders. 

This boat “Earth” is the only one we have. If I drill a hole in this boat, it will affect everyone in this boat. Leaving the ship with a lifeboat is no longer possible, we can’t shut ourselves off from the rest of the world. I influence others and others influence me.

Mutual Responsibility

The realization that we are all ‘invisibly’ connected to each other and all influence each other, brings with it a great responsibility. Because we can influence others and the world in a positive or negative way. It is our job to take care of each other, and to make sure that no one is left out. And this is a mutual responsibility.

The good news is, that by consciously working on our mutual connection and striving for good relations, we can influence everything positively. Because when we develop better relations we have, simply put, less need to fill the emptiness with stuff. We do our best to have a good relation with each other in spite of our differences. If we can give each other attention, care and love, we will all be better off, including the earth and everything that lives on it. 

*The image of the earth comes from 

The Method of Connection

The method of connection starts from recognizing that we are egoistic by nature—we each by default consider self-benefit over benefiting others—and that this egoistic quality is the cause of all our problems.

Approaching love and unity as a game

Therefore, approaching love and unity is done not naively, but as a game: that we set a goal to positively connect above the innate division and differences we feel toward each other—not erasing those divisive sensations, but being aware of them and their source—and then acting out a social atmosphere where we each aim to mutually support, encourage and inspire each other to connect, and feel each other—ultimately, all of humanity—no less than we feel our own families and ourselves.

Playing such a game brings us closer to the fundamental laws of nature: laws of love, giving and connection. We thus awaken a positive influence from nature that helps us feel each other more closely, accelerating the pace of our development to feeling people who were as strangers, to feeling everyone as a single family.

From Separate Souls to Unity

Only in the harmonious connection of the body parts is a healthy life possible.

Within the correct bonding among people reveals the connection where the upper life is hidden, the feeling of eternity and wholeness.

The impasse we have reached today highlights the need for a transition from the stage where souls are separated by the ego to the stage of unity where we reveal eternal love. 

A Thread of Love

Once or twice in your lifetime a spark awaken is you, in your heart.

Sometimes it feels if you are completely empty and sometimes you feel unhappy, without a particular reason.

On other moments it is because of seemingly mondaine reasons.

Maybe you don´t realize, but this is how the spark in your heart awakens in you.

It is the beginning of the soul, the first stap of the revelation of love.

Emerging into a Reality of Love


People around me want nothing but to hurt me! What do we do when one tries to love and the other does not?

The mutual love that we aspire for is impossible within the ego. I “love” another person because he is good for me, but in fact, I want only to exploit him.

Loving fish

Love within the ego is like loving fish-I love fish because I enjoy them. In the same manner, as long as I enjoy someone I enjoy being with him and I “love” him. But the moment I don’t enjoy being with him, I push him away.

But there is another love, one which we still don’t know. It exists above our selfish considerations, above our nature. When the picture of us being parts of a single, inclusive, and interdependent system is revealed to us, we surrender to its power and the true love of others awakens within us.

A Higher love

And beyond this love there is an even higher love. Beyond mutual dependency, the quality of love itself is drawing us towards it, for we realize that loving and bestowing are the most exalted things in reality.
Love allows us to transcend our regular perception and we begin to sense another reality.

When our natural aspiration to absorb everything within us changes into the aspiration to love and to give, the minute and limited reality we now sense relinquishes its place, and the complete reality appears to us-the spiritual reality.

The nullity of the ego

One who comes to feel the spiritual reality realizes that people mistreat each other because they are naturally controlled by the ego, not because they are evil. He discovers that they were deliberately created that way to eventually attain independent awareness of the nullity of the ego. Only then well they emerge from it into a reality of love.