An Integral Education Meeting Technique

Meeting - an image from Pixabay

With this technique you meet very effectively and efficiently. Meetings can be time consuming and sometimes not very productive. If you want to meet faster and with more results, this is the solution.

Imagine a round table

Imagine a round table, where lets say, ten people are meeting. Everyone takes turns and gives their vision on the problem/subject. They do not enter into discussion, but each one adds his unique vision. They all speak briefly and listen to each other. Each individual vision is accepted as equally valuable. Everyone speaks and contributes something.

At the end of the round, a vision has emerged from the group, the problem has been highlighted from all sides. If the vision still needs to be sharpened or clarified, a new question can be answered for this purpose in a new round. After this, decisions can be made and tasks can be divided.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

In this technique you can really speak of synergy. By consciously listening to the others and appreciating their vision, you become inspired. By the attention you get from the others who really listen to you, the best ideas come to you, also because you focus on what you can add to what the others already suggested.

A positive side effect is, that everyone feels appreciated and gets energy from this way of meeting. A bond is forged, because you work together towards the same goal and want to strengthen each other. As a result, the team will become closer and work even better together.