The Wisdom of the Circle 1



The Method

There are many psychological methods in our world, various religious and spiritual methods that ruin our desires. And integral education says no, we must leave desires as they are. Only their use must change, from “for oneself” to “for others”. And this is what we are actually trying to do in a circle. When we succeed, and that same desire is for the benefit of others, instead of for ourselves, we will feel the connection. 

The circle method teaches us one thing, how to correct ourselves; how to connect with each other. It is actually about making aware the connection that is already there. By connecting with each other above the ego, we can, with the help of this circle method, come to an ever larger connection. The circle method is the most efficient way to come to a connection. There will be more and more need to be in the circle, and the person will feel integrated in a group.

The circle method is a method of revelation of the connection that already exists at a higher level. That we come together in a circle, each one cancels himself, submits to others, connects with all the people in front of him, integrates into them until he stops feeling himself, but rather feels “us”. This is already a kind of new reality which did not exist before. The group then becomes an entity which exists on its own. 

In other words, first there were ten*, and now these ten have connected, so this connection is called a group. And in this group everyone is equal, each of them includes everyone. I go above myself, and the same goes for each of them. In this way we reach connection. 

*The circle is formed with a maximum of ten people

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