The Wisdom of the Circle 2

The Wisdom of the Circle

What is a connection circle?

In a connection circle we try to create a connection between us. We want to connect with each other, to be together, and in this context we create a common space. It is a kind of communal space, in which each takes distance from himself (ego). We enter the common desire and within that we can build a system of connection between us.

To the extent that we try to connect more, we will suddenly start to feel the connection between us. There are all kinds of connections there and we start to distinguish the different kinds of connections we have. We discover a system of forces, the more inner life. And then we learn how we are connected with each other and what this network is that binds us together. In this way we begin to discover the spiritual world.

We try to associate all our desires with the spiritual world. For example, if there are great desires behind me, then I transform them more and more in the direction of connecting with everyone. In this way I reach the perfect state. Where everything is connected with each other, myself and the group. And the selfish desires we transform for the connection of all of us. In this way we all achieve that we have nothing left of those selfish desires. Everything is transferred to the connection, and that is called reaching the end of correction. From there we can redesign the world.

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