A Quest to a Higher Goal

We have everything, but there is nothing left that satisfies us. Still we are playing the game and chasing transient goals, which we envision as pleasures such as money, honor and power. After all, what else is there to do in life?

Filling the emptiness inside

We look at each other and thoughtlessly follow the current trend. We say to ourselves, “If I behave like everyone else, I’ll feel good.” We choose a vague, agreeable goal, and chase it, hoping it will fill the emptiness inside.

OUr hearts will awaken

We must be constantly preoccupied, otherwise the question “What am I living for? What’s happening with my life?” will haunt us. But sooner or later our hearts will awaken and we will not be able to focus on mundane issues anymore.

dropping out

As long as we close our eyes to avoid truly seeing, we could run along with the crowd. But we have exhausted our strength. While everyone else is still racing, we have dropped out. It simply is no longer appealing anymore; in fact we find it pointless.

A higher goal

Our will has deepened so much, it no longer allows us to settle for mundane goals. This is when we begin the quest for a higher goal.